Number Fifty Two, December 27th, 2012

Day After Christmas Day

Ten year old boy
Floating his new toy
On the pond at the park
Let the good times start
Pigeon is squawking
Like I better have something
To throw his way
He's out of luck today

And the Arizona sky is blue
Sun shining down on me and you
On the day after Christmas
The day after Christmas... and it's all right

There's no stopping
Gonna be a whole lot of shopping
Going on over there
At fashion square
But there's kids on the playground
You know you can't beat that sound
On a desert day
Chase the afternoon away

I sat down on this park bench
With the world on my shoulders
Another year to tell me
That I'm getting older
But something came and took my blues away
On this beautiful day after Christmas Day

So let the good things soak in
We can fix what's broken
Blessings in the air
It's the joy we share
That ten year old boy
Spilled a little of his joy
On me today
A gift that made me say