Number Forty Nine, December 6th, 2012

Carol Lita

Carol Lita you find
All things come back in time
Hear the night wind
Sing songs to your soul
Sweetest old songs you know

And on Sundays
Just a little girl, you'd be found
High in the orchards over town
Singing with the church bells below
Singing every song you know

And what becomes of these vibrations
These clear constellations
In a universe that collects every sound
Hanging in the heavens and now they're coming
Back around for

And all these years can't disguise
How the songs still sing in your sleepy eyes
Hope I go
To these places you know
Sing your songs with the church bells below

So beautiful they ring
So beautiful they shine
So beautiful they hang in the air
Forever they are waiting for you there

For Lita
Carol Lita we find
Love returns in it's time