Number Forty Four, November 1st, 2012


Pink sky
Early morning
My thoughts come 'round to you
Makes me think I
Can look inside and
Know just what you're thinking too
And your light goes on
When I need it to
And I need it to
All the time

So breathe, Ramsey, breathe
Into my heart you always will
Breathe, Ramsey, breathe
Into this world, your love is breathing still

Now it's Thanksgiving
Woodsmoke and harvest
And a garden I will never till
God willing
You'll be my planting
You'll be my peace, be my fill
You're the sun and rain
When I need them most
And I need them both
All the time

To build up
Where I never could
To seek out
What I never would
To carry you
Everywhere I should
I feel you carry me