Number Thirty Five, August 30th, 2012

Bonnie Lies

I knew her when
She was my farmgirl friend
She loved alfalfa and beans
The farm is long gone
But I still hear the song
The way Bonnie taught it to me

At ten years old
You don't shape it, you don't fold
You don't have to pretend who you are
And we'd walk down the rows
Throw rocks at the crows
Singing her song to the stars

That was way back before
We all lost our minds
To the clothes and crushes and tears
Back when everyone still got a card
From everyone else
On Valentine's day every year, hers said

Bonnie lies over the ocean
Bonnie will always be mine
Bonnie flies over the ocean
Just to be my sweet valentine

By the age of sixteen
I guess you learn to be mean
Stones were thrown carelessly
And finally Bonnie just flew
Away like the crows
Bonnie flew right over me

Every fence line, every row
Every corner I know
I hear her right next to me
I'm older and grown and
Off on my own now
Bonnie still lingers with me

Bonnie lies over the ocean
Bonnie lies over the sea
Bonnie left without a warning
Bring back my Bonnie to me