Number Sixteen, April 19th, 2012

Big Knife

Big Knife stands alone
On a street so far from my home
No bus fare has he
No warm place to sleep
No secrets he will keep
From the cold April wind

Big Knife has seen it all
Riding freight from Billings to St Paul
He's learned to stay alive
But his native blood has died
He'll have to find a place to hide tonight
From the cold April wind

There's a big sky
High over where we stand tonight
There's a big lie
That promises Big Knife
A home is waiting for him

So Big Knife, sing with me
Freddy Fender and Buffy Saint Marie
Then you're off to a place unsaid
And I'm off to a hotel bed
In the cold April wind

Big Knife may you dream tonight
Of your soul, free and lost in flight