Number One, January 5th, 2012

Terminal One, Gate 3

He sits down with an old guitar
In a beat up mismatched case
A few days of beard and a smile wrapped around his face
Now I'm no conversationalist
But this is more than I can resist
Waiting here for the boarding call

All it takes is a word of curiosity
And he's popping that case for me to see
Stuffed in tee shirts and rolled up socks
The blond wood checked and the finish worn off
His 60 year old guitar smiles at me
Here at LAX
Refuge from the metroplex
We've got more than guitar stories to share
Through the night and the L.A. air

He's off to Las Vegas
For a six night hotel run
But I can hear in his voice it's not so fun
So we talk about his old Kay guitar
How he writes his songs in his girlfriend's car
I'm laughing, and he's laughing

He saved it from an early death in Baltimore
Found an orphan case in a Venice guitar store
Me a few years shy his age
We might've shared an open stage
Or a writer's night, a sidewalk space

Here at LAX
Gateway to the glitter-plex
We've got more than guitar stories to share
Before we take to the L.A. air

I'm fine living far away from this crazy race
Occurs to me I'm an old guitar in a mismatched case
With years worn and true to me
And tucked inside what's meant to be

Here at LAX
Off to whatever's next
We've got more than guitar stories to share
And we're off through the L.A. air