Number 52
December 24th, 2009


From your mother's sheltering arms - moving
Through a world of risks and charms - moving
This wind's for your wings
Say goodbye to your growin' up things
You're moving

From our faces in your eyes - moving
From our backyard sunset skies - moving
From your prairie home
Where you painted out your own
Dream of moving

Oh the joy to be on your quest - moving
You often see your life the best when you're moving
The road is clear for you
You've packed the love you need to get you through
The moving

A tear or two, becomes a smile
To see a world so new, so free, so wild
And it's waving, you're moving

So take a breath and set your feet to moving
Joy is in the bittersweet of moving
Finding your way
On this sad and happy day
Your moving