Number 44
October 29th, 2009

Rivers Of Rain

Rivers of rain down the window pane
And a wake up call to nowhere
In a motel room in the morning gloom
Time to make my way to somewhere
I splash my feet up the rain drenched street
Fall into the seat of my car
And the rivers of rain are singing your name
And I'm wondering' where you are

I remember a time that was yours and mine
On the Middle Fork of the Salmon
Twenty years old with a band of gold
It was the feast before the famine
Because I caught you cryin' down where the river winds
You said you're off to find what's calling you
And the river sang and I felt the pain
And away from me you flew

I followed the work as a bankers clerk
Then the market took a tumbling
The town went bust, no one you could trust
All around me lives were crumbling
There was a job for me with a collector's fee
And a fever for the gold
And the river went dry, and in the city I
Let my heart go hard and cold

Now I serve my time on the banker's dime
Traveling and foreclosing
It's my job it seems to kill someone's dreams
And I'm gifted in the disposing
But this stone cold heart just came apart
On a morning dark I hear that song
In the river of rain the old familiar pain
And my love for you goes on