Number 16
April 16th, 2009

After the Snow

The girls get so pretty in the spring
And the eyes of the boys go wandering
The life inside them starts to flow
After the snow
The sun gets higher over the towns
The river's fast and floods the ground
The shadowed ice is the last to go
After the snow

Oh darlin', we've shed another year
Oh darlin', it's changing that we fear
But the bluebird's in the nest
And the big black crow is
Singing what we already know
Life is good, after the snow

The paths are telling on our face
The years have taken their rightful place
But we have ways to make them glow
After the snow
Laughter still makes music here
The cold can't touch the melody we hear
And we have so many songs to go
After the snow

Now I know you think I might have changed
And true, the time is passing strange
We fell in love so long ago...