Number 10
March 5th, 2009

Heaven Makes A Space

Heaven makes a motion
Heaven makes a space
Heaven says it's time for you to
Come and take your place
No time to be chasing
All your worldly things
Following the voice
Of the angel as she sings

You might be a-leaving
All weary and worn
You might be departing
In the middle of the storm
But the Savior calmed the waters
With a wave of his hand
Come to take you home
To the glory land

Singing I'll fly away
I'll fly away
Come that beautiful day

I know your eyes are weary
And shadows start to fall
The valley of darkness
Is waiting for us all
Shedding our burden
At the break of day
Holy Ghost is with us
Every step of the way

Now it's quiet on the prairie
On a cold winter's eve
Peace in the hearts of the
Ones who believe
And the last shade of color
From the darkening day
Is the promise of heaven
In the cold and gray