Number 05
January 29th, 2009

Fear Of Falling

Long ago when the winter snow had drifted high
We would climb the baseball bleachers, my friend and I
Stare down from the top rail on the blanket of snow
Eyes wide and daring each other to be the first to go

And the fear of fallin' so clear in my eye
And the fear of feeling I was afraid to try
And the fear of missing a chance to fly
Fear of falling

Many times I've stood and felt that same fear I knew
At the edge of something I wasn't sure I could do
When your heart is pounding and you're doubting yourself
Surprise to find you're really just like everyone else

And the fear of fallin' is the reason you climb
Fear of finding you've run out of time
Fear of gravity that weighs on your mind
The fear of falling

The fear of falling is a gift to us all
How it keeps us creeping back to the edge of the wall
And tonight I'm climbing as the snow's falling down
Another leap of faith into the snow covered ground