Number Two
January 8th, 2009

Child Of the World

Child of the world
Born of a million faces
Born in the countless places where danger's out your door
I feel close enough to touch your trembling hand
To understand what you might choose
When it's time for you
To fall in love, to fall in hate
To tie your fate to the path you chose
Everybody knows
Child of the world
Begins by loving someone
I pray that someone loves you too

Child of the world
Eyes wide open and running
I wonder what you see coming in the morning sun
When do the childhood joys begin to disappear
You start to fear the coming day
I see you play like you imagine another place
And in your face the joy still glows
Everybody knows
Child of the world
The joy was born within you
I hope you can let it show

Child be filled with wonder
Child be filled with dreams
Child of ice and oceans
Drifting deserts, crystal streams

Child of the world
You see the same stars I see
But the world is so completely different in your view
May time and courage find you living in this grace
Face to face with my children too
You know we share this simple hope, this simple fear
So clear your child's eye shows
Everybody knows you
Child of the world